Leavings is a bi-annual literary magazine dedicated to the work of emerging poets, artists, and thinkers. We publish one issue in the fall, one issue in the spring. We are open to submissions of poetry, prose, both fiction and nonfiction, artwork, and photography. Our goal is to respond to all submissions within two months, and any correspondence should be sent to our email: leavingslitmag@gmail.com. It is our belief that all working artists should be compensated for their work, especially young or emerging artists, and we therefore pay all contributors fifteen dollars per accepted piece; the simple truth, though, is that your work is worth so much more to us than the fifteen dollars we can offer. Leavings takes its name from a poem by Stanley Plumly, the late, great poet and professor who began the MFA program at UMD more than twenty-five years ago. 

From the "Afterword" of our first issue: "We believe in the autonomy and power of art; that is to say, we value writing that does not subordinate itself to a social situation, but rather stands as its own entity. We take inspiration from an art group of the late 1960’s, Black Mask, whose name later changed to Up Against the Wall Motherfucker, a phrase taken from a poem by Amiri Baraka. We likewise take influence from publications ranging from Lana Turner to American Poetry Review, and many in between. Our goal, however, is to stand as a unique and original magazine, similar but different from the aforementioned platforms, and appealing to both art aficionados and communities more  removed from academia and literary publications." Our vision of Leavings relies on our collective, a nonhierarchical group of artists in which each member works together with equal say to make decisions concerning the magazine. 

At Leavings, quality is our first consideration, and our only prerequisite. Send us your work today.