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Old Day Hide Space

Ajay Sawant

Brisket grilled on

stake               [ Kalimir] pepper 

brinkered into

open air              The thickness 

frizzled, the hair

ripe, the skin

pliant in burnt stomach, nose coiffed

red a plump pimple in hide

I know I am reviled       so much

blank, destroyed and lemons

lavender field, nectarly clouds and blue

headache           This glory

is a beautiful terror, checkbox

sore collar and                  midnight

        rain in fever

Ajay Sawant is a student and writer studying English Literature (British and Commonwealth) and Journalism at the University of Delhi. He currently serves as Editorial Intern at Five South Literary Magazine. In the past, he has been a guest editor at Inlandia Institute’s Literary Review. His poems have been published or are forthcoming in Detester Magazine, Literary Yard, Vayavya, A&U: America’s Art & Understanding Magazine, The Caribbean Writer, Hawai’i Pacific Review, Xavier Review, Paper Crane Journal and The Louisville Review & Fleurde-Lis Press. Ajay often tweets at @ajaycycles

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