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Isn't this what techies all decay?

Juliana Roth

torn screen, left to pixelate

unraveled image, already apart

hold onto life as if it were a thing to do

start panting yesterday 

thinking soil was beautiful

like a dumb Romantic

aliens seem a better cure

for loneliness than this upload

they might even love me back

a bird going right for my eye 

could kill me, I am in love

with the Earth again

especially for its destruction

and that I cannot avoid

my own, I confess: I’ve hit

and scolded and crushed

a cockroach, live streamed

from my shower head

I did not press record

there is nothing ancient about water

it is the newest thing on Earth

Juliana Roth is the creator of the narrative web series, The University, which won Best Web/Pilot at the Los Angeles Film Awards, was a finalist for Best Pilot with the Vancouver Independent Film Festival, and nominated by the International Academy of Web Television for Best Drama Writing. Currently, she teaches writing at NYU and The School of the New York Times. She writes the newsletter Drawing Animals and serves as an Emerging Writer Fellow at the Center for Fiction.

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