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Pas de Deux

Andrea Jurjević

Sunrays fall across the shoulders of fields like drenched locks, once again our bodies heavy with 

                 desire, and I wonder how gold enters the waving wheat.

You lick my wrist, the thin blue veins. Outside, the fields are bright like burning books, this 

                 Thursday hardened like last week's bread. Where does heat come from.

You laugh and wind the wet black bridle of my hair around your fist, as if between song and 

                 suffering there is only nimble weather, bodies wet

with meaning. Later, in sweat-soaked sheets, we eat chilled figs, their seedy hearts, and I worry 

                 about what lies on the other side

of survival. Babe. What comes after this.

Andrea Jurjević is a Croatian poet and literary translator. She is the author of Small Crimes, winner of the 2015 Philip Levine Prize, and the chapbook Nightcall (Willow Springs Editions, 2021). Her book-length translations from Croatian include Mamasafari (Diálogos Press, 2018) and Dead Letter Office (The Word Works, 2020), which was shortlisted for the 2021 National Translation Award in Poetry.

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