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Ashley D. Escobar


yeah, it’s sensational     vaguely intentional                        they’re overthrowing the humble king

                                                                                  (what a pig

                                                                                                  what a pig)

an end to all ends                          onslaught, slaughtered

                                le comédie, le tragédie

all of this, this is me                    a windmill without arms

nothing is yet                   enough

was crawling through the sewer

of the bygone hotel in

memphis, tennessee                    no one knows what i                    call graceland anymore

i cover your smile, i cover

the touch, i am two lovers,

cut from the same cloth

                 we use in unison 

we are smoking gauloises in

bed, a cigarette for all your 

problems                                           (you cannot afford such a thing)

aha! kevin’s at it, he’s 

cutting barbed wire in his

tiny flat, chinchilla                        fear of salmonella                          over and lush.

Ashley D. Escobar studies human connection and solitude through the lenses of literature, philosophy, and art at Bennington College. She was selected for the 2020 Catherine Morrison Golden '55 P'80 Undergraduate Writing Fellowship in Fiction. Her work can be found in MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture, Die Bärliner, and forthcoming in BlueHouse Journal. People watching is her favorite hobby, along with taking trains without any particular destination in mind.

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