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Nelson Potter


          At one point

          my parents must’ve looked me in the eye

                              and told me that even though

                              I am the best of both of them

                                                               even      though

                                                                 my life        had to sift through centuries

                                                                       of magic



                                                            and thrust itself           from tranquil ether

                                                              into the cold

                                                              naked threshold of zero

                                                                       in an Applebee’s bathroom


                                                                            against all odds

                                                                            my cells       persisted

                                                                            and        let        me         leech

                                                                            just enough

                                                                            to be evicted


                                                            in a final trick

                                                              where I convinced my host

                                                              to keep and feed me

                                                              that ultimately

                                                              I was still too weak

Nelson graduated from Ramapo College in 2018 with a Literature degree and a Concentration in Creative Writing. He has pursued further education at the Second City school in Chicago as well as the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in NYC. Currently living in New Jersey, Nelson maintains his interests and craftwork in poetry, comedy writing, voice acting, and analytical theory.

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