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Letter to Wolf

     By Kathryn Knight Sonntag

Cryptic, long-bodied 

                lupine of moon argent:



montane, diurnal,

The Morrigán, red-furred phantom, where,

sovereign shape-shifter, is your 


lair? Wulvern of my aspirations 

and incubi, mac tíre, I follow 

your intonation of the First Song, 

composed on Creation from True Light. Be muse


to our hearts with bright tales, unfold the way


of life-death-life. Sepulchral, sirenic, euphonious, lithe,

insatiable lover of now, sing on. 


Songs so ancient we cannot name them, so new 

they are sprouts, so constant they are rivers

so sure they are rocks, delicate

leaves falling. Distant 


suns, your eyes trace a glint

of beauty awakening beauty,

a paradise more

than Eden,


Kathryn Knight Sonntag is the author of the poetry collection The Tree at the Center (BCC Press, 2019). Her poems appear most recently in Colorado Review, Rock & Sling, and the anthology Blossom as the Cliffrose (Torrey House Press, 2021), and are forthcoming in Dialogue, Moist Poetry Journal, and Ethel. She works as a freelance writer and landscape architect in Salt Lake City.

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