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     Aicha bint Yusif


first, jasmine and then bombs before brushing the teeth.

again: first, pomegranate arils, then sun then familiar faces under rubble before the noon ad’an.

give me another chance:

first, cloudless skies, chirps of birds, hummus for lunch, and limbs dangling from gray cement walls.

first, Gaza Gaza Gaza Gaza Gaza Gaza

then, what is left of the dignity of this world.

Aicha bint Yusif is a 26 year old Palestinian living in Haifa (Israel/Occupied Palestine). She holds an English literature degree and is currently studying Medicine. She is passionate about poetry, and her works appeared in World Literature Today (NYC) and Rusted Radishes (American University of Beirut). She also likes yoga, making crafts and learning languages (she speaks Arabic, Hebrew, English, Spanish and a bit of German and French).

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